Who We Serve

At L.I.F.E. by SkyTheater®, we have a passion for understanding what Get More Info our clients want and need. Merging look at this site an immeasurable knowledge of modern avionics with an unrivalled expertise in audio/video L.I.F.E. by SkyTheater® has established a reputation as the world leader in the design and installation of completely customized Luxury In Flight Entertainment systems.

Since 1996, SkyTheater® has been the company of choice for the world’s most demanding private and corporate jet owners, which include A-list celebrities, world-class athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs and executives in the entertainment industry.

Our expert staff produces systems guaranteed to provide you with an unsurpassed entertainment experience on your corporate or private jet. Our superior audio/visual systems are developed exclusively for the aviation industry, and are thoroughly customized
to meet each individual customer’s precise specifications. Despite their cutting-edge sophistication, our L.I.F.E.® systems are designed to be remarkably user friendly and easily upgradeable.

But what truly sets L.I.F.E. by SkyTheater® apart is its unparalleled customer support.

L.I.F.E. by SkyTheater® can retrofit any make or model of aircraft with a completely state-of-the-art system, and perform upgrades and repairs on any existing system. You can rest assured knowing that all equipment and installations adhere to the exacting specifications of FAR Regulations and are all accomplished with FAA Approved Data.

Video and touch screen

Lower the shades, dim the cabin lights, set the volume and start the film with one touch.

Our passion and years of expertise allows you to see through the Director’s eyes, taking video to a higher level of perfection that cannot be achieved by any existing Aviation Monitor Manufacturer. Our L.I.F.E.® systems provide optimal video performance offering maximum:

  • Sharpness
  • Contrast
  • Brightness
  • Picture size
  • Viewing angle
  • Color accuracy
  • Artifact elimination

Our Touch Screens also allow for online communications, iPad/iPod access, drink and food menus, and aircraft attendant calling.


Select your favorite music, then choose from a myriad of sound processing techniques – surround or stereo – and let it fill the cabin with unparalleled ambiance.

Our passion and years of expertise in sound reproduction literally puts you in the studio at the time of recording, allowing you to hear the musician’s presence with incredible clarity, turning old recordings into new unbelievable musical experiences.

Movie soundtracks jump off the film, grab you and pull you into each scene as if you were really there. L.I.F.E. by SkyTheater® systems provide optimal audiophile performance for every passenger and crewmember including:

  • Dialog clarity and articulation
  • Spacious surround sound
  • Smooth tonal balance
  • Crisp treble and thundering bass
  • Clean sound lines
  • Full dynamics