We encourage anyone considering utilizing our services to speak with our current customers and hear for themselves just how remarkable our systems are.


“You want to know what I love most about having a SkyTheater in my plane? No one in Hollywood has a better system than me. Not even Oprah. Believe me.” 
Donald Trump
Celebrity, SkyTheater Owner


“I personally would describe the sound as ‘unbelievably phenomenal.’ Your creative talents have taken sound to a new level of perfection.”
Chief Pilot/G4 Operator
Onboard SkyTheater Digital Surround
Sound Entertainment


“We were overwhelmed by not only the superior audio/video system, but also by the incredible simplicity of the touchscreen programming.”
DTS Executive
SkyTheater DTS System Onboard a DC-9 


“I had the opportunity to listen to one of [SkyTheater’s] L.I.F.E.® installations and was amazed at the clarity and separation. It was the best I’d heard. Three days later I was invited to listen to a system valued at over a million dollars and it came nowhere near the quality of the jet installation.”
Leo Solderman
Popular Home Automation

“The sound system is the best I have ever heard and all the people we have shown this to said the same thing… WOW!”

Director of Maintenance
New York Aviation Department


“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Gregg Launer on VIP cabin entertainment systems on several large cabin aircraft. Whether you are looking to install a best-in-class airborne theater system or an audio system that will rock your socks off at 45,000 feet, Gregg is the go to guy for both consults and systems. He is a passionate thought leader who can deliver the finest in audio and video solutions. 
The problem with airborne systems has been complex system architecture, unreliable components and 24/7 AOG technical support to keep the system operational. Unlike the OEM-type systems, Gregg “owns” every SkyTheater he sells. By that I mean that he treats each install as his baby, and he is not happy unless the system meets each customer’s demanding expectations. If tech support is required at 2AM, you’ve got his personal mobile phone for help. Your boss and techs will appreciate that level of service.
Gregg is the real deal when it comes to airborne VIP audio and video, and I give him my highest recommendation.”

Ed White
Director of Aviation at MB Aviation, LLC.