Gregg R. Launer


Through his position with SkyTheater®, Gregg Launer has been able to merge his love of flying with his passion for all things Audio Visual.

A sound engineer by trade, Mr. Launer began his career as a sound engineer for NBC Miami. He is among a handful of AV professionals to have received training at the Lucasfilm Ltd. Skywalker Ranch and Skywalker Sound in the Art of Reproducing Film Sound and Video to Private Cinemas. Launer is a Certified Lucasfilm Ltd. THX Level 2 Engineer and boasts a number of aviation AV firsts including:

Development of the first 10-Channel Dolby Surround System for the BAC-1-11 aircraft for the formerly Ft. Lauderdale-based Blockbuster Video private jet
Development of the first in-flight Dolby Digital System for Universal Studios Gulfstream IV and V aircraft
Development of the first in-flight DTS Systems for IVAX Corporation’s business
Development of the first Multi-Plex Lucasfilm Ltd. THX Systems for a private Boeing jet
He also holds a myriad of aviation and AV certifications including:

FCC First Class License
FAA Pilots CFI License
FAA Multi-Engine, Commercial, Instrument License
FAA Single Engine, Commercial, Instrument License
FAA Accident Prevention Counselor

Andrew Guenther


In 1979, Andrew Guenther founded Advanced Security Systems, which specializes in high tech security, access control, and CCTV surveillance systems in multi-million-dollar homes and commercial buildings. He owned and operated the company until 1988 when National Guardian Security Systems of Greenwich, Conn acquired it.

Mr. Guenther’s love of all things AV was the inspiration for his founding of Advanced Audio Design in 1984, which specializes in high tech AV systems, home theaters, lighting design and control, CCTV, HVAC system control, automated window treatment, and control systems to integrate entire estates. The company has offices throughout Florida.

Guenther’s elite client roster includes the world’s best-known actors, musicians, athletes, politicians and captains in the industry. He is the official audio and video provider for the St. Pete Times Forum and the Tampa Bay Lightning, and has been the subject of feature stories in such prestigious publications as The Robb Report 21 Ultimate Gifts, Audio Video Interiors Magazine, CE Pro Magazine, Luxury CW and many other magazines and newspapers.

Guenther is a trained and certified THX Technician through Lucasfilm Ltd. at Skywalker Ranch and has received numerous industry awards for his accomplishments and expertise.

Carl Goldstein


Carl is a Los Angeles based filmmaker who has worked on over 35 feature films. He wrote, choreographed and directed major action sequences for Die Hard with a Vengeance, Last of The Mohicans and Last Action Hero to name a few. He is currently working on a remake of The Stuntman and the action comedy Stalking Death. Mr Goldstein joined SkyTheater first as a consultant and then partner in 2014.

“One of my favorite experiences when making a movie is when you are in a perfectly designed mixing theatre finessing the final mix. SkyTheater maintains the filmmakers intent, displaying the highest level of performance and creating screening room quality to an aircraft cabin. Imagine a Dolby Atmos system on your plane! SkyTheater out performs anything on the market and can cost less money than an inferior OME system that manufacturers push on clients.

Barry Goldlist


Barry has achieved significant success and developed his extensive knowledge base through various roles in business and real estate development, ownership and management, and venture capitalism, having been involved in all aspects of the business development cycle for numerous established companies as well as startups and small to mid level companies for over 20 years . He is an expert on deal structure and a passionate administrator.

Barry is extensively educated in the realm of social media and digital marketing (strategy). Possessing a deep understanding of how social media platforms work and integrate, and the most effective ways those platforms can be leveraged into campaigns for maximum impact, Barry will be responsible for driving much of the digital marketing strategy and process.

Skyservice F.B.O. Inc.


Skyservice is a dynamic Canadian aviation organization that is dedicated to the core principles of people and values. With over 25 years in the aviation industry, Skyservice continues to be a leader in the industry with an enduring commitment to the quality, safety and respect of our people and our services.

President and CEO Marshall Myles leads an outstanding, passionate team of over 500 employees across Canada. An unwavering commitment to exceptional service, an unparalleled level of safety and security and an experienced, highly skilled team has earned Skyservice Inc. our world class reputation.

These exceptional standards have been recognized in the aviation industry by awarding Skyservice the coveted Platinum rating by the Aviation ResearchGroup/US (ARG/US) which is North America’s most stringent award for operational safety.

With facilities in Montreal, Toronto and Calgary, Skyservice is dedicated to a full-range of air charter services which lead the aviation industry.