L.I.F.E. by SkyTheater ® is committed to providing jet owners with an in-flight theater and entertainment experience that is unrivalled. With an eye to detail, and an uncompromising adherence to quality and aviation safety standards, L.I.F.E. by SkyTheater® consistently surpasses client expectations with award-winning, user-friendly sound and video installations.

The L.I.F.E. by SkyTheater® team is dedicated to customer satisfaction and service of an unparalleled magnitude and results-oriented perfection.

SkyTheater’s® unwavering pursuit of excellence and pride in workmanship are evident in every design and installation of their Luxury In Flight Entertainment Systems.

It is this commitment to customer satisfaction that allows L.I.F.E. by SkyTheater® to demand no less than their clients demand from their employees: the finest, safest and most pleasurable Luxury In Flight Entertainment experience in the skies today… and tomorrow.

If you desire a luxury in-flight entertainment system that puts you in the front row of the concert hall at 30,000 feet, and video so vivid and all-encompassing, that the viewer and movie become one, let L.I.F.E. by SkyTheater® make your in-flight entertainment experience unique and captivating… each and every time you step on board.